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 With a passion for herbal medicine and sports, I have been able to combine my expertise in both fields to provide holistic support to athletes at all levels.

With a B.S. degree from Purdue University in Exercise & Fitness and over 7 years as a Planet Fitness personal trainer, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in strengthening and conditioning the body.  During my travels, I met an herbalist who taught me how to heal the body holistically.  It is within that teaching, I learned you could not only heal the body but make it better!  With a deep curiosity for the healing properties of plants, I embarked on a personal quest to learn more about herbal medicine and its potential benefits for athletic performance. This led me to develop a deeper understanding of the medicinal properties of various plants and herbs.  The J-curve illustrates a pattern which initially demonstrates a downward trend or negative impact, followed by an upward trend or positive impact.  This results in a curve that resembles the letter "J." When trying to heal, workout, grow, etc, this is typical.  Mentally, if you can endure the downward trend the body begins to change for the better!  Thus the J-Curve

Mentality was created!  With this forged knowledge, I specialize in creating customized herbal and performance workout protocols that support an athletes' unique needs.  Including areas such as energy, endurance, recovery, and overall well-being.  This is how I was able to win both the USATF M46 High jump and Triple jump competition.

The J-Curve Mentality
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